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Last Night on Late Night: Dean Norris Showed How Hank Could Go ‘Gangster’ on Walter White in Breaking Bad

Last night on Conan, Dean Norris a.k.a. Breaking Bad’s Hank Schrader, a.k.a. DEA pitbull, a.k.a. Walter White’s mortal enemy, really wants Hank to go “gangster” on Walt. Hank would pull out his gat — “bop! bop!” — and proclaim, “Who’s Heisenberg now, bitch?!” But malice aside, Norris really just hopes Hank doesn’t get killed off — death arises so swiftly and heartlessly in the series, after all. Plus: David Letterman brought back the beef with the “bonehead” Joaquin Phoenix, and shoved Amy Adams, costar in The Master, right into the thick of it. For the record, Adams, while remaining as mum as possible about said movie, confirmed that it is not based on Scientology. Oh, really? And lastly, Lisa Kudrow had to castrate 21 rats for a college biology project — much like Comcast did to the Tonight Show team, noted Jay Leno. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Dean Norris: How Hank Can Go ‘Gangster’ on Walt