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Don’t Ask Meryl Streep to Say ‘a Dingo Ate My Baby’

Meryl Streep was down for pretty much anything on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last night, gamely discussing which real-life figure she’d like to play next (Susan B. Anthony); which former co-stars she’d shag, marry, or kill (she’d shag Nicholson, marry Redford, and kill Hoffman); and reacting appropriately when Cohen flashed a photo of Lindsay Lohan (“Aw. I pray for Lindsay.”). Still, there was one thing Streep absolutely, positively would not do … and that’s recite her famous quote from A Cry in the Dark. When Cohen asked her to, things got a little awkward, and the trouble is, Streep then went on to say that’s the line that’s quoted to her most. What, nothing from Devil Wears Prada or Death Becomes Her? You need to hang out in some gayer places, Meryl.

Don’t Ask Meryl Streep to Say … This