Eeek! There Will a ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Crossover Episode of ‘Archer’

This is real! H. Jon Benjamin told Entertainment Weekly: “[Archer creator Adam Reed] really likes Bob’s Burgers. And the fourth season has a Bob’s Burgers tie-in, which is really bizarre.” First, join the club, Adam. Second, aaaaaaaaah! And it won’t be like a little cameo, it’s a full episode built around Bob’s Burgers. Benjamin continued:

“It’s like a Bourne Identity-type plotline. It starts off with Archer as Bob, making hamburgers, but he doesn’t know that he’s Archer. He’s at the restaurant and these, like, I think Russian thugs come in, and Bob dispatches them expertly. And then he’s like, What just happened? How did I do that? So he has to try to figure out why he’s so good at killing people.”

Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard is into the idea but “stayed out of the creative process.” Linda will join Bob in the episode but sadly the kids won’t be there. Benjamin continued, “It is a little weird because you have to be a fan of both to understand it. But you don’t have to know about Bob’s Burgers to enjoy it.” Don’t worry, H, we’ll understand it; we’ll enjoy it.

Eeek! There Will a ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Crossover Episode […]