There’s a Show Called Eel of Fortune!

Traditional eel fisherman Peter Carter holds an eel at first light on September 30, 2010 near Outwell, England.
Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Animal Planet announced a new show today called Eel of Fortune. Eel of Fortune! The show is actually called Eel of Fortune. (It’s about eel fishing, but who even cares? Eel of Fortune!) Of course now we all have to make as many terrible eel puns as possible:

-They were going to call it Jeopardeel, but they wanted to have a wider audience
-They also considered Eel or No Eel, but they wanted to include at least a little bit of skill
-And Let’s Make an Eel sounded dated 
-“I would like to buy a vow-eel.” 
-The show is hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna Whitefish 
-At the end, they give you R S T L N and EEL 
-Players try to avoid landing in “tankrupt” 
-The show was created by Merv Grif-fin

And on and on and on …

There’s a Show Called Eel of Fortune!