Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Set to Return in September

Now in its fifth year, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival has grown into one of the most unique comedy festivals in the land. Taking place from Thursday 9/13 through Sunday 9/16, as usual the festival is homed in Brooklyn’s Union Hall and Bell House. Peep the full line-up, with ticket links, below. Highlights include a StarTalk Live! with Eugene and Sarah Silverman as the guests and a five year anniversary celebration, which features a VIP herring room and a slam poet you can throw water balloons at. Sadly, there won’t be a slam poet that you can throw herring at. There is always the 10-year anniversary!

Thursday 9/13 @ Bell House

We Appreciate Ourselves: The Five Year Anniversary Celebration of The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

with Eugene Mirman and special guests!


People live tweeting about outfits!

A VIP Herring Room!

Recognizable celebrities walking around avoiding eye contact!

A Slam Poet that you can throw water balloons at!

And probably much, much more!

8:00 PM

Friday 9/14 @ Union Hall

This Is The Night These Comics Get Discovered and Become Stars!           

7:00 PM

Friday 9/14 @ Bell House

StarTalk Live! with Neil deGrasse Tyson

plus Eugene Mirman, Sarah Silverman and more!

8:30 PM

Saturday 9/15 @ Union Hall

Uh Oh: Dangerous, Inappropriate Comedy For Teenagers

A comedy show for sexually active teens* or families that don’t feel too weird if adult subject matter is discussed.

*Teens don’t actually have to be sexually active, in fact, it’s better if you wait ‘til sophomore year of college.

4 PM

Saturday 9/15 @ Union Hall

Comedians Two to Five Years Away From Their Own TV Shows

7 PM

Saturday 9/15 @ Bell House

Talent Show presents: Speech & Debate

hosted by Kevin Townley and Elna Baker, featuring special guests!

8:30 PM

Sunday 9/16 @ Union Hall

The Eugene Mirman International Film Festival Hour           

An evening of short films, unreleased gems and weird videos by comedians

6 PM

Sunday 9/18 @ Bell House

Invite Them Up

hosted by Bobby Tisdale with Eugene Mirman and special guests!

8:00 PM

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Set to Return in […]