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3, 2, 1 … Frankie Go Boom Trailer: We’ve Got to Get the Sex Tape Back

The premise of 3, 2, 1 … Frankie Go Boom goes a little something like this: Chris O’Dowd is a recovering alcoholic and sorta-aspiring filmmaker who really just likes to use video equipment to torment his brother. Frankie (Charlie Hunnam), the brother in question, likes a girl (Lizzy Caplan) and makes the mistake of consummating his love for said girl in a space where a camera could feasibly be hidden. A sex tape is recorded; O’Dowd delivers his masterpiece to movie mogul Chris Noth; Noth turns out to be Lizzy Caplan’s dad; and … yeah, they’re gonna need that sex tape back. (Even though porn entrepreneur Adam Pally says it has five boners, and five boners is very good.) The hunt that follows may or may not include a drowning pig and Ron Perlman in a dress, so here’s hoping you are certified in porcine CPR. And also weirdness.

Frankie Go Boom Trailer: Sex Tape Treasure Hunt