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Gaby Hoffmann Approves of Now and Then TV Show, Lobbies for Cameo

Actress Gaby Hoffmann attends the
Gaby Hoffmann. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

ABC Family recently began development on a TV adaptation of the 1995 drama Now and Then, so when Vulture ran into the original film’s star Gaby Hoffmann last night at the premiere of 2 Days in New York, we had to find out if she knew about it … and whether she would give the project her blessing. “I just heard about that,” Hoffmann confessed to us. “Have a ball!” Would she be down for a guest appearance? “Sure!” she chirped. “I gotta pay the rent.” And though Hoffmann’s nearly the right age to play the adult version of her character, she had something more athletic in mind, since she’d been cutting a rug on the dance floor all night. “I think I’d like to do some sort of dance scene cameo, yeah,” she laughed. “Like maybe a stark view of what happens when you get older, but on the dance floor. An interpretative dance about aging, if you will. I’m making a pitch.”

Gaby Hoffmann Approves of Now and Then TV Show