‘Genesis’ Video: Grimes Borrows Britney’s VMAs Snake

A few days back, the person who runs Britney Spears’s Twitter feed sent out the following inquiry: “Sometimes I wonder what this snake is up to these days … Anybody know where it’s at? haha.” Then a follow-up: “Snake update: I’ve heard she’s alive and well, and that her name is Banana!” Britney’s ghost-twitterer did not share what Banana’s been up to, but Vulture is just going to assume that it involves acting in Grimes’s new “Genesis” video, because those snakes look identical — and also, “Let’s get the Britney Spears snake” seems like the sort of thing that Claire Boucher (who directed) would say in between sword lessons. Oh yeah, there are swords (and torches, and other crazy weapons) in this too. Get at it.

‘Genesis’ Video: Grimes Borrows Britney’s Snake