‘Happy Endings’ Might Make a Neighborly Joke with ‘Apartment 23’

Remember in the 90’s when Urkel would show up on every ABC sitcom because of America’s endless demand for more Urkel? Well, the showrunners of two present day ABC sitcoms are already talking about crossover. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Kahn told TV Guide that Happy Endings executive producer Jonathan Groff has already approached her with one idea:

“At the end of one of their episodes, they’re watching Dawson’s Creek and they’re like, ‘That was a good show. Whatever happened to that guy?’ and they have some theories about what he’s doing now and then they go right into our show and we see what James is doing.”

That will be fun. Also, Urkel should totes guest star on both shows next season.

‘Happy Endings’ Might Make a Neighborly Joke with […]