Hear the First Recording of Penn Badgley Covering Jeff Buckley

What’s going on with Penn Badgley’s biopic on singer Jeff Buckley, which filmed last fall? So far, the indie film hasn’t popped up on any festival roll calls, but this past weekend, Badgley road-tested some Buckley songs at Cameo Gallery, and one of his covers made its way online. (Ignore the title of the YouTube video claiming that this is one of Badgley’s own original songs; it’s “Lilac Wine,” famously covered by Buckley on his album Grace.) So, how well does the deep-voiced Badgley manage to hit those high, fluttery notes that were Buckley’s stock in trade? Surprisingly well, we’d say! At the very least, this should silence some of the skepticism Badgley says he felt when he took the role.

Hear Penn Badgley Covering Jeff Buckley