Here Are Some More Downton Abbey Wedding Spoilers!


It goes without saying (and yet, we always have to say) that if you do not want to know what happens in the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, then you should stop reading right now. But! For those of you who want to obsess a little more, The Daily Mirror spoke with Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens about the Mary-Matthew wedding, and there is much to squeal over. “I felt a bit like Kate Middleton with all the security,” Dockery says.  “It’s a truly stunning dress and I’m sure people will make some comparisons with the royal wedding.” Stevens adds that they kept the filming pretty traditional: “I didn’t actually see Michelle in the dress until she walked down the aisle.” And there will be sex: “It doesn’t get pornographic but there’s a newly-wed undercurrent.” Also, it sounds like Thomas scores with the hot new footman. Everyone is getting theirs in season three.

Here Are Some More Downton Wedding Spoilers!