‘Hollywood Icon’ Ron Howard Will Appear on Screen in ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4

The man that started it all with the line, “But maybe a movie,” will again make a physical appearance on Arrested Development. Howard told CNN:

“I’m also told that I’m going to have to make an appearance as I did in the last episode of Arrested Development  - I’m showing up again at some point. So, I’m going to have to film that soon which will be kind of fun. Usually I’m a little too busy, but, with Mitch and Arrested Development, it’s irresistible.”

Damn right, you aren’t too busy for Mitch. Assuming Ron is again playing Ron, this is an intriguing revelation. Is the fourth Arrested Development season going to be about making the Arrested Development movie? A classic story within a story like The Larry Sanders Show or 30 Rock or Macbeth (or was it Hamlet? I’m not sure, I was too busy watching the The Larry Sanders Show in high school to read books.)

‘Hollywood Icon’ Ron Howard Will Appear on Screen in […]