‘I Am Your Leader’ Video: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Fun House

And here are the Nicki Minaj Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Options for the day: If you would like to watch Nicki administer mental-health advice in a leopard-print half leotard (and then from a straitjacket), then Vulture would point you to the recently released video for B.o.B’s “Out of My Mind.” If you are more interested in exploring Nicki’s fun-house design scheme — neon-pink and green, mostly, with fossil accents and warped windows — then we recommend “I Am Your Leader,” which also features Rick Ross rapping at a never-ending dinner table and Cam’ron rapping in the portrait gallery. Nicki makes weird faces in both. Click carefully!

‘I Am Your Leader’ Video: Nicki’s Pink Fun House