It’s That Episode 31: Fallon Bloggers watch ‘The Fresh Prince’

Cory Cavin and Josh Lay (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Bloggers) stop by to watch an episode of The Fresh Prince involving kidnapped mascots and home security. Find out the essential rules of mascoting from Josh’s experiences as the New Jersey Devil and the Tennessee Vols’ mascot “Smokey,” hear about the time Craig snuck onto the set of Men In Black II, and discover how dank it gets in the Late Night blogger’s “cave.”

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Josh, Cory and Craig used to work on VH1’s Best Night Ever together. And, as mentioned during the podcast, here’s the Best Night Ever from Halloween 2008, starring Craig, with a cameo from Josh and Cory. Craig’s mom called this video “…not funny,” and commenter BoogerFace57 said, “That was terrible. I don’t like Craig Rowan [sic] or think he’s funny at all anyway, but that was really bad. Just awful. That was a horrible Best Night Ever.”

Best Night Ever: 10-30-08 by bestweekevertv

Also, make sure to check out Josh Lay’s reel from his time as the Tennessee Volunteers’ mascot.

If you live in NYC, check out “It’s That Episode LIVE!” at the UCBEast Theatre on Thursday, August 30th at 11pm.

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It’s That Episode 31: Fallon Bloggers watch ‘The Fresh […]