Jimmy Fallon Isn’t Hosting the Oscars – Kevin Hart is Hosting the VMAs

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After ostensibly hosting MTV’s Video Music Awards last year, though without the title of host, Kevin Hart is officially going to be the host this year. It’s a small difference but one that does reflect an ascension of sorts. Conversely, despite his ascension, Fallon officially will not be hosting the Oscars. (Lorne Michaels still might produce, which might open hosting duties up to a former SNL castmember. Will Ferrell? Bill Murray? Chris Kattan?) As was rumored before, it seems like ABC just wasn’t cool with a rival’s late night host being given such a high-profile spot. Or as Fallon put it to Matt Lauer: “It’s an honor to be asked by the Academy, but it’s not my year.” Watch the full interview below, which mostly focuses on Fallon’s “Downton Sixby” sketch, until it gets REAL awkward about the Oscars.

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Jimmy Fallon Isn’t Hosting the Oscars – Kevin Hart is […]