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Last Night on Late Night: Julie Delpy Tried Very Hard to Describe Her Rejuvenated Vagina

Last night on the Late, Late Show, Julie Delpy, mid-commiseration for the mother she plays in 2 Days in New York, awkwardly segued into an anecdote about her own post-pregnancy vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Apparently, insurance covers it in France, where she had her son. And while she stammered and fidgeted describing her vagina, she proclaimed, “After that, it’s even better than before! … You’re like, like, uh, Superwoman of the muscle thing, you know.” Plus: Will Ferrell shed bitter tears and screams over that cheating “trampire” KStew; Jeff Daniels also accused Chelsea Handler’s sub, Dax Shepard, of cheating — but by way of improvising on Parenthood. Daniels, on the other hand, had to “cram for seven months” for Aaron Sorkin’s “mountain range of dialogue.” Also, memoirist James Frey of the A Million Little Pieces scandal called an esteemed fellow author — JWOWW — a liar. But he’d already caught onto that irony — “You’re coming out of my school of storytelling here,” he pointed out. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Julie Delpy Explained Her Vaginal Rejuvenation