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Kathie Lee Gifford Can Confirm That Taylor Swift Crashed That Kennedy Wedding

So, maybe you read Victoria Gifford Kennedy’s scathing account of the Taylor Swift wedding-crasher fiasco and thought, That doesn’t sound like our Taylor. Our Taylor says “please” and “thank you” and makes faces that are almost too lifelike in their excitement. She could never look like a ghost. Well, Kathie Lee Gifford has heard your doubts, and so she took some time during the fourth hour of the Today show this morning to dish out the truth about Taylor’s wedding-ruining ways. (KLG is in a position to do this because, as the names would suggest, she is Victoria Gifford Kennedy’s stepmother, and was therefore at the wedding. Note how she chokes on the word “granddaughter” when explaining this). According to Kathie Lee, the mother-of-the bride’s account was entirely accurate: Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old boyfriend, did not RSVP; Taylor was asked to leave twice; and the Kennedy family was pretty damn upset. Though mostly about the fact that Conor didn’t RSVP, because they are Kennedys, and that sort of social impropriety just will not stand. Seriously, just look how worked up Kathie Lee gets about it — and she’s only a Kennedy by association. Watch yourself, Taylor.

Kathie Lee: Yes, TSwift Crashed That Wedding