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Last Night on Late Night: Kristen Bell Baffled Ryan Lochte

Last night on The Tonight Show, Ryan Lochte showed up flossing his grill millions of Olympic medals, and had no idea how to react when Kristen Bell actually bedecked herself in all his bling. Plus: Tracy Morgan offered his conspiracy theory behind the termination of 30 Rock; and Jon Stewart pointed out that former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry is up against current Daily Show correspondents for the Emmy. But Corddry’s the one who needs a break — and not just because of his acting chops. “I feel like your walls are paved with Emmys around here, like, you can take a dive on this one, maybe,” he reasoned with his old boss, “Give a bald guy a shot!” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Kristen Bell Baffled Ryan Lochte