Lorne Michaels Had a Kinda Funny, Kinda Creepy Form Letter to Respond to Unsolicited Submissions

By 1976 SNL was in full-swing and likely immediately afterward Lorne Michaels started receiving top-notch submissions for sketches like: Jimme Walker Carter or Gerald Harrison Ford. As is still the case, networks don’t read unsolicited submissions as to avoid getting sued if an idea that gets on air is similar. Letters of Note has a letter Lorne Michaels sent in response to one such submission:

Dear Mr. Currier:Thank you for your letter. We are sorry but we cannot accept or read unsolicited material sent to us for various ethical and legal reasons.However, we at NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT do accept and read nude photographs.Best of luck in the future.Your pal,(Signed)Lorne Michaels

A smart person would’ve written the sketch on their bodice and sent a photograph of it. I bet a large back could fit a Taxi Driver spoof where Travis Bickle runs into his identical twin and they recite in unison the “You talkin’ to me” sketch. (1976 things!)

Lorne Michaels Had a Kinda Funny, Kinda Creepy Form […]