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Love and Honor Trailer: Liam Hemsworth, Shirtless Vietnam Deserter

Did you wake up this morning and think Today, I would like to watch shirtless Liam Hemsworth do a front flip into a pond? (Do you think this every morning? No judgment.) If so, then Vulture would refer you to the 1:42 mark of the trailer for Love and Honor, Hemsworth’s non–Nicholas Sparks but still Nicholas Sparks–y Vietnam romance, at which point Liam performs this very feat. Rewind to the 1:38 mark if you want to see him thank God before he does the flip. Rewind a little further if you want to see him wandering around someone’s living room, shirtless and covered in grease. Start at the beginning if you want to watch him drive around in a convertible and get flipped off by a girl. It is a (literal) embarrassment of Liam riches, this trailer. Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.

Love & Honor Trailer: Liam Hemsworth, Shirtless