Madonna Forgives Elton John With a Speech That Suggests She Maybe Doesn’t Forgive Him

A few weeks back, Elton John gave an interview in which he called Madonna a “fucking fairground stripper,” for no other reason than that a microphone was in his face and bashing Madonna is the hip thing to do this summer. Well, Madonna responded the other night in Nice, and instead calling Elton John names, she forgave him, with a speech and a song dedication and everything. Except — the speech was monotone, verging on angry, and the song in question was “Masterpiece,” the W.E. song that bested Elton John’s Gnomeo and Juliet anthem at last year’s Golden Globes. It’s almost like Madonna is actually still incredibly pissed at Elton John! Or maybe this is just what it looks like when a human machine expresses remorse. You decide!

Madonna Forgives Elton John, Kind Of