Maulik Pancholy Is Leaving ‘Whitney’ and Returning to ‘30 Rock’

Didn’t Jack’s office and schedule feel poorly managed last season? Well, Jonathan, with his sister still out of North Korean jail, is coming back to set things straight. On Whitney last season he played Neal, a character who started the series in a relationship with one of the female leads only to discover he’s gay by the end of the season. It was one of the more interesting things the show did in a season of not very interesting things. His character, however, is being written off the show because of the its new creative direction, whatever it is. Luckily for Maulik and us and most importantly Jack, this frees him up to get his old job back and frees 30 Rock up to make some meta joke about where he was last year.

Maulik Pancholy Is Leaving ‘Whitney’ and Returning to […]