NBC Wins Bidding War over New Michael J. Fox Sitcom By Offering 22 Episodes Sight Unseen

A week ago, we reported that all the major networks were chomping at the bit to get the rights to a new sitcom Michael J. Fox was pitching. Last night, NBC surprisingly vanquished its competitors by offering a full 22-episode season right off the bat, no pilot necessary. ABC had the advantage going into the war because they could offer the coveted post-Modern Family slot; however, NBC’s offer was just too nuts to pass up. Shows just don’t get full-season pickups anymore. It was a ballsy but not entirely unbelievable move for NBC. Sure, they have no idea what this show will look or be like but they’re doing so poorly that it won’t make too much of a difference if it flops. Another plus for NBC was they agreed to let Fox shoot the show in his native New York City, replacing 30 Rock as the only major sitcom shooting in the city. The show will be a family comedy in which Fox plays a father of three trying to handle the demands of his family, career, and illness. NBC really believes this is a show that can turn the network around or at least stabilize it. It’s also great that Fox is feeling well enough to commit to a new series. We’ll see you next fall, Untitled Michael J. Fox Project.

NBC Wins Bidding War over New Michael J. Fox Sitcom By […]