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The Paperboy Trailer: Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron’s Cannes Camp Classic

When Vulture told you that Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron in Cannes entry The Paperboy — and that it was only one of several outrageous things that happen in this Lee Daniels–directed swampy potboiler — perhaps you doubted us. Well, the trailer for The Paperboy has finally arrived, and though you won’t get the (ahem) money shot, there’s still plenty of visual proof here to confirm some of The Paperboy’s campiest scenes. See Nicole Kidman prepare to bring herself to orgasm in a crowded room at a minute into the trailer! See her dance in the rain with a briefs-clad Efron at 1:36! And finally, get a glimpse of a jellyfish-stung Efron dragging himself to shore at 2:04, just before Kidman looms over him and begins to … you know. Learn all of the important lines now, before you watch gay comedians reenact these scenes at your local improv theater sometime this fall!

See Kidman and Efron in the Paperboy Trailer