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Sigourney Weaver’s Awful Outfits on Political Animals

Photo: USA

Political Animals was in most ways primed for adoration: The cast is pretty much top-shelf, the faux-Clintonian setup rife with drama, the characters themselves well drawn. But the show has been sort of a let-down, with Ciarán Hinds’s way, way over-the-top Bud Hammond (one drawl away from an O Brother Where Art Thou villain), Dylan Baker’s comically evil VP (Al Gore he is not), and, most egregiously, Sigourney Weaver’s horrendous costumes. Weaver’s a knockout, and there was much to enjoy about her not–Hillary Clinton Elaine Barrish character, a former First Lady turned presidential candidate turned secretary of state. But how many corset-waisted skirts can one woman own? If last night’s miniseries finale turns out to be the end of the road for PA, consider this a retrospective. If USA makes the unlikely decision to spin PA into a full series, consider this a cry for help. Journey with us through the many terrible outfits of Sigourney Weaver.

Political Animals’s Terrible Fashion Sense