Rachel Dratch, H. Jon Benjamin, Bob Odenkirk, and Basketball Players to Do Fun Guest Spots

- Rachel Dratch is going to guest star on Up All Night as an Ava Show fan that’s super excited about getting some memorabilia. Sheldon and Megan: together again!

- H. Jon Benjamin is going to play Dallas’s life coach on Suburgatory. His character is described as a master storyteller named Tabitha, of course, who Dallas eventually brings along on her first date with George. I wonder if they’re going to eat burgers or… spy stuff(?).

- Bob Odenkirk is reprising his role as Arthur Hobbs next season on How I Met Your Mother. He will sorta represent Barney in his pre-nup talks with Quinn, which will totally go super well.

- Amar’e Stoudemire, Baron Davis, and Danny Granger are going to pop up on The Mindy Project, where they’ll play basketball players Mindy meets at a club. They will be tall.

Rachel Dratch, H. Jon Benjamin, Bob Odenkirk, and […]