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Last Night on Late Night: Rebel Wilson Reprised Kriss Kross

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rebel Wilson was spitting out jokes as blithely as Kriss Kross’s rhymes. Apparently, she and her sister had formed a rap group as kids and their rendition of “Jump” was their thing on Aussie TV show Talent Quest. So it only stands to reason that, during the filming of The Bachelorette, she reenacted the hip-hop choreography from Bring It On for Kirsten Dunst, er “Kiki.” Plus: In celebrity spousal theater, David Letterman had the balls to question Ben Affleck’s low testosterone levels (since today is the actor’s 40th birthday and all) — “Really, David?” sputtered Jennifer Garner, “He will stomp you! … He is walking testosterone!” Also, Leslie Mann dished hygiene TMI about Judd Apatow, who apparently farts holes in his undies, and, where Mann left off, Kelsey Grammer followed through by dropping trou to show off his new tattoo of his wife’s name. It’s “strategically placed for … viewing.” Keepin’ it classy, boss. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Rebel Wilson Reprised Kriss Kross