Robert Kelly and Godfrey Cast to Star in FX’s Buddy-Cop Pilot

We previously reported that Denis Leary was working with former Arrested Development writer Dean Lorey (because their names are similar, presumably) on a comedy pilot for FX, Bronx Warrants, about two detectives who hunt perps with outstanding warrants. Those two detectives will be stand-ups Robert Kelly and Godfrey. Both have long been successful stand-ups in New York and both appeared on Louie (Robert as Louie’s brother and Godfrey as himself). In the pilot Godfrey will order a slice of cherry pie, to which Kelly will ask, “That’s a bit on the nose – a bit meta – isn’t it?” Godfrey will defensively ask, “What are you talking about?” Kelly: “We work in the business of warrants and you are eating the dish made famous by a band named Warrant.” Godfrey: “What are you even saying, man? This just taste so good that it makes a grown man, me, cry.” Kelly pauses and smiles and too cries; he loves his partner deeply.

Robert Kelly and Godfrey Cast to Star in FX’s […]