RPatz Pictured Shooting a Guy, But Not Who You’re Thinking

Robert Pattinson actually managed to get through an interview on the Cosmopolis press tour without any uncomfortable breakup references, though it seemed for a moment that things might be headed there when RPatz mentioned that he’s been frequenting the shooting range. “Shooting at anybody in particular? Who were you picturing when you were shooting?” asked MTV First’s Josh Horowitz, but this only led to an odd story about Pattinson’s dad. Otherwise, the half-hour interview was uneventful (unless you’re only interested in hearing Pattinson talk about Cosmopolis and peeing in cars). It didn’t help that rather than heartbreak food, MTV only offered Pattinson an MTV Movies Brawl Award, whatever that is. Come on, MTV. You can’t drown your sorrows in plexiglass.

RPatz Survives Interview Without Talking Split