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The Sapphires Trailer: Chris O’Dowd Rides the Soul-a Coaster

The Artist just happened again” was the Harvey Weinstein quote making its way around Cannes after the premiere of The Sapphires, and though he later denied the comparison, the sound bite served its buzz-inducing purpose. It probably also helped that The Sapphires, about a small-time band manager who steers an aboriginal Australian girl group to greatness, is the very essence of a crowd-pleaser, featuring: semi-drunk Chris O’Dowd; soul music; inspirational speeches about being your best self; adorably botched dance sequences; and go-go boots, as evidenced in the trailer. It is also a movie that gives Chris O’Dowd an excuse to do karaoke at late-night Cannes parties, and really, who can say no to that? We hope the entire press tour consists of Chris O’Dowd singing “Mustang Sally” on various late-night programs. Jimmy Fallon, make this happen. 

The Sapphires Trailer: O’Dowd’s Soula Coaster