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Playing for Keeps Trailer: Gerard Butler, Soccer Slut

Gerard Butler is having a very sporty 2012. We recently caught the actor in the trailer for Chasing Mavericks, where he plays a surf guru, and now we’ve got the trailer for Playing for Keeps (more like Gerund Butler, amirite?), where he plays a former soccer star who’s fallen on hard times. To get his life in order, Butler starts coaching his son’s soccer team, but his attempts to put his ladies’ man past to bed (as it were) are thwarted by all the hot soccer moms like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman who would love to get inside his light, breathable soccer shorts — not that you’d know it from this trailer, which only plays up the subplot where Butler pitches heart-warming woo at his ex, Jessica Biel. Also, let us confirm to you that Judy Greer is in this movie, since the trailer doesn’t even allow her a line. Free Judy!

See Gerard Butler’s Playing for Keeps Trailer