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Butter Trailer: Jennifer Garner, Political Animal

It’d be hard to craft a modern-day political satire that’s more outrageous than the real thing, but that won’t stop Hollywood from trying. Hot on the heels of The Campaign comes Butter, a festival entry from last fall that actually uses real politics as a jumping-off point: Jennifer Garner is basically the Hillary Clinton of butter-carving (with a Michele Bachmann makeover), who feels entitled to the butter-carving crown won in the past by her philandering husband (Ty Burrell in the Bill Clinton part), but is swiftly upstaged by a young black upstart (little Yara Shahidi, your Obama stand-in). You also have temptation to both Burrell and Garner in the form of Olivia Wilde as a stripper and Hugh Jackman as a used-car salesman. Will any of their lines be as comically unreal as those said on the regular by political figures like Todd Akin? Their work, it is cut out for them.

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