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Nobody Walks Trailer: The Temptation of John Krasinski

Girls creator Lena Dunham has made her name chronicling the sex-fueled foibles of a certain New York subset, but in Nobody Walks, she turns her eye to the other coast, co-writing an L.A.-set tale with director Ry Russo-Young. John Krasinski stars as a family man who accepts an offer to help fledgling artist Olivia Thirlby with the sound design for her new project, but as the two grow closer, Krasinski’s wife Rosemarie DeWitt gets justifiably paranoid. Then again, DeWitt’s kinda-sorta fending off the advances of her therapy patient Justin Kirk, and meanwhile, DeWitt’s teenage daughter is lusting for Krasinski’s male assistant, who’s also got eyes for Thirlby … it’s complicated, is what we’re trying to say.

See John Krasinski in the Nobody Walks Trailer