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The Last Stand Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mounts His Own Comeback

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been dipping his toe back into action waters from the relative safety of the Expendables ensemble, but in January, he’ll be on his own as the sole star of The Last Stand. It would appear from the trailer and poster for The Last Stand that Arnold’s entered his Clint Eastwood phase; the movie’s tagline is “Not In His Town. Not On His Watch” (and not on his yard, we presume), and the trailer promises a whole lot of car-flipping action that it seems like the 65-year-old Schwarzenegger is only privy to, if not directly engaged in. But luckily, as a border sheriff defending his turf, he’s at least got a gonzo-seeming Johnny Knoxville on his team to send into the fray. We know that guy has no problem with getting injured.

See Schwarzenegger in the The Last Stand Trailer