Seth MacFarlane to Host ‘SNL’ Premiere with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig Coming After

On September 15, Seth MacFarlane will host the premiere of the 38th season of SNL (because apparently the bear from Ted had prior commitments). Frank Ocean will be the musical guest and be great, but expect a lot of singing from Seth Macs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will host on September 22 with musical guest Mumford & Sons, which will be VERY exciting for that certain sort of 16-year-old girl who shops at Urban Outfitters. This will be JGL’s second time hosting, after a very good and fairly manic first go-around in 2009. Finally, for all you Anglophiles out there, Daniel Craig will be hosting on October 6 with British musical guest Muse. This one will be interesting, as Craig hasn’t had the most comedic career. There have been more rapes in his movies than laughs. (Excluding, of course, the hilarious trailer for Cowboys & Aliens.) That being said, people play against type all the time on SNL. If only they could bring back Lamont Bond for a Bond off:

Seth MacFarlane to Host ‘SNL’ Premiere with Joseph […]