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The Simpsons Writers Pick Their Ten Favorite Obscure Characters

Photo: FOX

According to the Simpsons Wikia, after 23 seasons there are now 1,612 characters in The Simpsons’ universe, from major to minor to celebrities just passing through for a voice cameo. When citing or quoting the show’s most memorable supporting figures, most fans tend to dwell on such iconic recurring Springfieldians as Comic Book Guy and Lenny and/or Carl, who have strutted (or, in the case of Disco Stu, danced) through the town on multiple occasions. But this gives short shrift to the more fleeting figures, those quick cameos who may have only been seen in one episode or even had just one line, but still made an impression on the show’s obsessive fans. These are your Screamapillars,  your Sideshow Raheems, your Khlav Kalash vendors. Viewers’ favorites will vary, but we decided to go to the current Simpsons writers room’ and ask them to confer and come up with their favorite obscure characters from the show’s history. Here are their ten picks. (Sorry, Elf Dwarf fans: He didn’t make the cut.)

Simpsons Writers’ 10 Favorite Obscure Characters