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Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart to Robert Pattinson: ‘Kick her to the Curb!’ and Breakup Ice Cream

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, with much due respect, lightened the tension surrounding Robert Pattinson’s first TV appearance since the Kristen Stewart scandal with what any “two gals” would use to commiserate over a bad breakup: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and saucy relationship tips. “Boy, you are better off,” Stewart snapped, “Kick her to the curb. Whateva!” That sass broke RPatz’s stoicism into laughter and a cute “Is that an impression of yourself?” He also loved the ice cream, so Good Morning America, get your freezers ready. Plus: David Duchovny and his high school crew had been bleating like goats even before Goats; and Andy Samberg, like all New York residents, had his own gross vermin-in-the-kitchen story. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Stewart to Robert Pattinson: Sass and Ice Cream