The Complete Guide To Everything: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Have you all been following the latest celebrity gossip? No? That’s okay, because this week Tim and Tom get you all caught up on what you need to know about the brightest stars in all of showbiz. From Snooki’s new baby to Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace, there is literally no other place on the internet to hear about celebrities and their exploits. One would think that a fertile topic like celebrity news would be well covered on various blogs and news sites, but we checked, and it turns out that this podcast is the only place to hear about it.

Well, actually, first Tim has some gripes about a fellow diner at a recent brunch and Tom has a story about some B-list celebs at a terrible product launch. But then we get right to the boldface names and deliver the Hollywood gossip you crave!

Oh, actually before that we have another installment of our new segment “Fifty Shades of Tim,” in which Tom explains the plot of a certain popular smutty book to Tim, two chapters at a time. But then it’s time for some gossip!

But that’s not all! In this super-sized episode, we answer a listener’s query about a pot smoking father in our Peabody Award winning segment “Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems” and then reveal next week’s topic and ask for your help in preparing for it.

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The Complete Guide To Everything: Celebrity Gossip […]