The Complete Guide To Everything: Internships

Look, if you have any chance of getting ahead in this world, you’re probably going to have to work for free for some jerks for a year or two, getting their coffee, opening their mail and, more often than not, kissing them on the mouth once or twice. In this episode, we share our internship experiences which should give you a good idea of how not to approach your own internships.

Listen to hear Tim talk about the record label he interned at getting sold halfway through his work there, resulting in two months of fetching beer for sad people who were about to be unemployed. Also, Tom talks about possibly almost getting killed by the police during a misunderstanding on the set of America’s Most Wanted.

We also talk about how flirting with strangers on the subway is like playing the board game “Perfection”, dirty movies that only involve kissing and we solve a listener’s problem regarding making new friends as an adult.

On next week’s episode we’ll be discussing the literary sensation and all-around pile of garbage, Fifty Shades of Grey. So if you want to follow along at home, be sure to pick up that book this week and give it a good, filthy reading.

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The Complete Guide To Everything: Internships