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The Iceman Trailer: Michael Shannon’s Greatest Hits

Ready for the feel-awful movie of a lifetime? Monster might be tough to top, but The Iceman’s going to come close. Michael Shannon, paralyzingly frightening in his many turns as fictional psychopaths, stars as real life hit man/family man Richard Kuklinski, who killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 people for the mob and for himself. “Somebody wants somebody dead, who am I to question it?” muses Shannon in his best liquid nitrogen-blooded cadence. For extra skin-crawliness, witness James Franco begging for God to spare his life at the two-minute mark. Then go watch the actual Kuklinski recount this exact moment as the one hit he truly regretted. Like we said: feel-awful. Israeli director Ariel Vromen also recruited Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, David Schwimmer, and, apparently, as evidenced at the 1:31 mark, Lana Del Rey as Shannon’s daughter. (Don’t even tell us that’s not Lana Del Rey.)

The Iceman Trailer: Michael Shannon Kills