‘The Office’ Will End This Season

So it goes. Greg Daniels announced today that the upcoming season of The Office will be its last. Daniels:

“I think it could [go on], and we had debated whether we could reboot it.  … The format is a very strong format. But ultimately, I think this feeling of family and wanting to wrap up these arcs and do justice to the existing characters in the most creative and explosive way means the show will be changed in such a way that if anything was to continue, it just wouldn’t be the same show. We have 15 of the [cast] coming back this season … but it didn’t seem to me we could count on getting many people back for season 10. … This is going to be a real gangbusters season, so I think people will think it was worth it.

This move happens during a time of declining ratings and critical support; however, Greg Daniels asserted the move was primarily an artistic decision.

So what should we expect from the final season?

Daniels: “All questions will be answered this year. We are going to see who’s behind the documentary and we’re going to meet some of them. [Also] a big Jim and Pam year.” I’m not sure if anyone was still questioning those things. I guess, it would be nice to see who would spend nine years making a documentary about a paper company. Daniels expounded upon the Jim and Pam thing:

“Jim and Pam are kind of the heart and soul of the show. Back in the early days, I had an inkling of what to do to end that storyline, and to see the possibility of that never happening was a compelling thing to try to grab. The most loyal fans of the show would like to see that happen.”

I think most loyal fans are pretty satisfied with their completely adorable loving relationship but sure, Greg. This might have something to do with the return of Roy. One question he doesn’t respond to, which is probably also the only one on fans’ minds is: “Is Michael coming back?” Two months ago, Carell said he had no intention of returning, saying, “I think in a way it’s better to imagine where Michael and Holly are at this point than actually see it.” Yeaaaaaah, Steve, but, come on. The Office was often like the best, so despite the recent decline, this is still kind of a bummer.

‘The Office’ Will End This Season