This Season of The Office Will Be Its Last, Says Series Creator Greg Daniels

Photo: Danny Feld/NBC

Boom! Greg Daniels just announced what we’ve suspected for a while: This will be the final season of The Office. “We thought about what the future of the show should be,” he told reporters just now. “This feels like the last chance to really go out together.” Daniels said he and NBC “debated whether or not to reboot” the show this season. But because of the changes planned this season, and because of the fact that “it didn’t seem to me we could get” all the cast to come back for a season 10, the decision was made to halt now. He promised plenty of big story arcs in the final season, including — finally — a peek at “who’s behind the documentary” that’s been filming in Scranton for nearly a decade. “We’re going to meet some of them this season,” he said.

This Season of The Office Will Be Its Last