Both Real and Fake Nikki Finkes Have Their Twitter Accounts Suspended

“Mostly I want to see how long it takes until Nikki Finke threatens me with a lawsuit,” read the bio of @NIKKlFINKE, the parody Twitter account that had annoyed the real Nikki Finke, editor of showbiz news site Deadline Hollywood, since it was started on July 21, following Finke’s poorly received tweet about how the Aurora shootings would affect the box-office take of The Dark Knight Rises. No lawsuit yet, but both the parody account (which employs a lower-case “l” instead of an upper-case “I”) and the real account have been suspended by Twitter, for reasons yet unknown. Over at @Not_NikkiFinke, someone claiming to be the original parody account holder writes, “Twitter suspended the account without notifying me. And I never heard once from Finke or anyone at PMC.” Apocalypse Nikki, indeed.

Twitter Accounts of Real, Fake Finke Suspended