Lars Von Trier to Use ‘Visual Effects’ for Nymphomaniac Sex Scenes

Lars von Trier. Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/2011 Getty Images

Much has been made of the fact that Lars von Trier will ask actors like Shia LaBeouf to engage in real sex for his new movie Nymphomaniac … but does the director have something a little different in mind? In a USA Today profile of LaBeouf yesterday, the actor mentioned that he had been asked to photograph his private parts so that the production office could find appropriate body doubles, and now an official press release about the movie includes the following note: “The sex scenes in the film will be performed with the help of body doubles and visual effects.” One wonders, then, if von Trier intends to replicate the shooting style he used for the sex scene that opened Antichrist, juxtaposing wide shots where Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg simulate sex with close-ups of hardcore performers actually doing the deed. Or maybe, since “visual effects” are promised, von Trier is planning a new breakthrough in painstakingly computer-animated genitalia? We think about these things, for you.

Von Trier Using ‘Visual Effects’ for Sex Scenes