Watch James Franco Flirt in an Exclusive About Cherry Clip

Everyone wants something a little sordid from Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), the main character of Stephen Elliott’s new film About Cherry, but what does Angelina herself want? There’s the high school boyfriend who encourages her to take nude photos, and the adult film director (Heather Graham) who can make Angelina a star under the nom de porn “Cherry.” And then there’s wealthy lawyer Frances, played by James Franco. Angelina meets him while working as a strip club cocktail waitress, and in this exclusive clip, she tests his interest in a very unconventional way. (We’ll just say it involves saliva.) Currently available on demand (via iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3, XBOX, Google Play and YouTube) and on SundanceNOW, About Cherry will bow in theaters on September 21.

Watch James Franco Flirt in an About Cherry Clip