‘Triumphant’ Video: Mariah Carey Is Meek Mill’s No. 1 Boxing Fan

What to make of a Mariah Carey comeback single on which Mariah Carey is the third most important artist, after Rick Ross and his protégé Meek Mill? If you are someone buying music or programming radio, the answer seems to be “ignore it”; if you are the “Triumphant” video director (update: who goes by the name of Nick Cannon, or Mr. Mariah Carey), the answer is more like, “Recreate The Fighter, but with Meek as Mark Wahlberg, Rick Ross as a super-sized Christian Bale, and Mimi as the girls who wander around the boxing ring holding up the round signs.” (We guess she could be playing Amy Adams on the sidelines, too, but that comparison seems a little unfair to Sharlene.) It should be said that Mariah looks very good in her skintight gold presenter’s gown, and also that Meek Mill is very committed to his play-boxing, though at no point is he allowed to shout “Not you! Not you!,” which is everyone’s loss. And Rick Ross is wearing a three-piece suit and giant fur coat, so, salute him as always.

Watch Mariah Carey’s ‘Triumphant’ Video