‘The House That Heaven Built’ Video: Watch Japandroids Be Awesome

A few of you took exception with the Japandroids track that Vulture picked for last week’s Song of Summer Dos experiment; we went for the feelings (in the form of “Continuous Thunder”) and you wanted one of the rowdier songs — music for jumping off roof decks and smashing stuff and other wholesome actives. Well, your demands have been heard: The Canadian duo just released a new video, and it is for “The House That Heaven Built,” a break-shit jam if ever there was one. And the dudes commit — the video is chock-full of tour antics and making out. And whiskey bottles. And Molotov cocktails doubling as clay pigeons. If the rest of your summer is free, you should probably go spend it with Japandroids; they seem pretty rad.

Watch the Japandroids’ Rad New Video