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This Exclusive Teaser for The Comedy Isn’t Like Most Trailers

In The Comedy, out on VOD October 24 and in select theaters starting November 16, Tim and Eric star Tim Heidecker plays an aimless, aging Brooklyn hipster who’s about to inherit his father’s estate, though he’s mostly wasted his life to date by goofing off with buddies played by Heidecker’s Tim and Eric co-star Eric Wareheim and LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. In fact, as his future seems to look more and more comfortable, Heidecker’s hipster starts to act out in ways that are ever more uncomfortable, and the movie takes some subversive turns along the way. Fittingly, then, this exclusive teaser trailer does things a little bit differently than most previews, as The Comedy has some different film-festival bona fides in mind to tout. Enjoy!

Watch the Weird, Exclusive Teaser for The Comedy