10 Comedians on Instagram You Really Should Be Following

Is an Instagram worth a thousand words? You bet your smart phone camera it is! With so many ways to stay in touch and be constantly entertained by our favorite comedians every second of every day via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and so on, Instagram gets lost in the mix. You best check yourself (and your apps) to make sure that camera icon is moved to your home screen because top notch entertainment in the form of photos and comments are right there waiting to make you LOL, or whatever it is you do when projecting your approval of something funny. We put together a nice starter pack featuring 10 of the best comedians to follow on Instagram that will instantly make your gramming so much better. Let us know who you think we left off! And the 10 must follow comedians in no particular order are…

Steve Agee / @steveagee

I stole Maria Bamford’s floppy hat. #Bammer #hats #riotla

Aaaahhhh, the sweet, fun-loving, and too often bored Steve Agee. There are photos of Steve backstage, Steve on errands, Steve on the road, Steve lurking, Steve chillin’ and so much more. His hobby of photography (with a real camera!) is turning into a legit craft, and his eye for a good shot shows on his Instagram. A comedian’s comedian with a natural eye who’s always around top comedy? Enough said.

Joe Mande / @joemande

This guy was sent to fix my phone and Internet. Should be fine.

Joe Mande doesn’t mind stirring it up every once and while. Instagram is no exception. He’s got the usual smattering of political funnies. But he also has those quirky scenes around America that you can’t keep from smiling at (ahh, touring comedians are the best). And, of course, who doesn’t love his adorable pooch. Awwwww.

Angela Trimbur / @angelatrimbur

Wait- the girls behind Brit are way into it!!!!

Comedy’s up and coming “it” girl makes you feel like you’re checking in on one of your closest friends. As is her personality, her photos are sarcastic, sweet (with rare glimpses of bitter-sweetness) and always fun. She comedies it up with her gal pals on the constant, making a typical too girlie or possibly dull shot all around smiles.

Nikki Glaser / @nikkiglaser

My wedding day will not compare to this moment :(

Nikki Glaser is turning into the Kelly Oxford of Twitter 2-3 years ago but on Instagram, meaning she is the must follow, the big buzz, the cool in the know. Her daily profile pictures of people on the subway or in the City or wherever she may be are truly beautiful snapshots of everyday life, and her witty comments add to the enjoyment. Her colorful photos could stand alone on aesthetics and quality; her added comments make them super tall.

Chelsea Peretti / @chelsanity


Chelsea Peretti’s sarcastic and exaggerated, almost hyperactive molasses-like (jammin!) tone is turning into a new “sound” or “voice” when it comes to texting, tweeting, etc. People try to copy that cadence but one too many exclamation points or uppercase letters when not necessary could RUIN YOUR LIFE. (Too much?) It’s an art, people. She is touring nonstop which supplies us with plenty of great shots, but it’s her screen grabs that really bring the hard laughs.

Ben Schwartz / @rejectedjokes

SNOWPANTS at UCBNY last Thursday- Gavin Speiller, Chris Gethard, Chad Carter, Amir Blumenfeld, Justin Long and me. Thanks to all who took these pics.

Ben Schwartz feed is filled with loving shots of paused Simpsons episodes, behind the scenes peeks at whatever he is working on (which is A LOT) and of whoever he is working with (they are always TOP NOTCH). So it’s never hit or miss, it’s always hit, and he really makes you feel like he wants to let you in on all the fun he’s having.

Paul F. Tompkins / @pftompkins

Since time immemorial, I have watched over Wyatt Cenac as he sleeps in his clothes in hotel rooms.

Eternally a classy gentleman, Paul F. Tompkins maintains his style on Instagram as well. Photos from his journeys abound complete with that patented charm make his not overwhelming use of Instagram that much more enjoyable when a PFT shot shows up. He always leaves you wanting more. No I mean really, ALWAYS, you always want more of Paul F. Tompkins, no? Yes.

Nathan Barnatt / @nathanbarnatt

This. Shirt. Is. AWESOME! Thanks @8bitmatt #WelcomeToDimension3 #VirtualBoy

Being Nathan Barnatt is exhausting enough but he manages to capture the absurd on Instagram quite frequently. He’s either fooling around in front of the camera or finding innocent bystanders to prey on. No one is safe.

Mike Burns / @PizzaNachos69

It’s hard to be taken seriously as “insane with anger” when you’re eating a giant sub from 7-11

Mike Burns is an old school All American, the tough, cigarette smoking, bush drinking, pork rinds eating, middle finger giving kind of All American. The majority of his photos usually at least one of the previously mentioned, or of him getting wild time with fellow comedians (like BFF Matt Braunger) backyard bbq style. You become just a bit more legit in all around life once PizzaNachos69 is in your feed.

John Mulaney / @johnmulaney

My greenroom or the womens locker room? Or both? Its both

John Mulaney is known for his observantly quick wit and his approachable yet unique style of comedy that is starting to play in a variety of mediums. His Instagram is just that. Perfect shots of random things (covers of a magazine, commercial paused, billboard) with the perfect John Mulaney comment to go with it. Isn’t he just the best? (Said in his voice.)

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