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42 Trailer: Jackie Robinson, Harrison Ford, Guts, and Jay-Z

As Baz Lurhman and the people behind Safe House have already established, the secret to making a magical trailer in 2012 is just to throw some Jay-Z in there and let things cook. Cue “Brooklyn (Go Hard),” the Jay song with Santigold and the lyrics about Jackie Robinson, who conveniently is the very subject of 42. Chadwick Boseman stars as Robinson; Harrison Ford is on board as Branch Rickey, your typical grizzled, taking-a-chance-on-an-unknown-kid baseball scout GM; Harrison Ford’s side-part plays a supporting role as “Thing Most Likely to Distract You From the Glory of Sport and Human Triumph.” It’s mostly the Jay-Z show, though. (When is it not?)

42 Trailer: Jackie Robinson, Harrison Ford, Guts